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Police Check Procedures

HWCDSB policy strives to maintain the safety of our students at all times. Further to this, Police Checks are mandatory for all who volunteer in school situations. Should you plan to volunteer for classroom settings, trips or coaching, a Police Check is required.

To facilitate this process, please ask the school secretary for a letter from the school requesting a police check. This letter ensures applicants receive a Police Check at a greatly reduced rate. Applicants then have to take the letter to the Central Police Station and request a Police Check and complete an application form. The cost of the process is approximately $30. It takes approximately 4 - 6 weeks for the volunteer to receive the police check once the application has been completed at the Central Police Station.

Each year, volunteers that have done the initial process are required to complete a "Declaration Form" in order to ensure their Police Check remains valid. This is free of charge and the forms are available at the school, usually during the spring of each year. Please watch for information in the spring newsletters for information regarding completing the volunteer "Declaration Form".
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact P. Kislinsky the school Principal. All matters regarding these concerns will be kept in the strictest confidence.