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Safe School Student Committee

Safe School Student Committee

The Safe School Student Committee was set up in the Spring of 2008. The initial meetings brought students and staff together to discuss student perspectives on many safety issues in and around the school (e.g., playground behavior, teasing, bullying, supervision, etc.). As a result, the students have now started some initiatives to develop a more positive attitude inside and outside of our school.

The Student Safe School Committee's goal this year is to make each student in our school community aware of how we can create a happy and trusting environment. The members of the committee meet regularly to discuss and develop strategies to help students and staff create a positive, respectful and Christ like attitude and atmosphere throughout the school. The students will be making regularly announcements, determine a theme for the month, present at award's assemblies and create a student nominated Catholicity Award winner in each class for each month.

Each classroom have received a box where students can place the name of a student they have witnessed doing a good deed. At the end of the month, members of the committee will count the names of the students nominated and determine a winner in each class and present them with a cross at our Award's Assembly. The hope is that each member of our community will remember there is a little bit of Jesus in each of us. Our goal is that if one person is a witness to a kind deed, another will follow and "pay it forward".