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About Our School

About Our School

St. Agnes Catholic Elementary School opened in September 1978 with classes from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The building itself consisted of three closed classrooms and seven open area classrooms, with six portables on site to accommodate an enrollment of 503 students. In 2005, an expansion and renovation of the original school building was completed. This added seventeen closed classrooms, a modern library-resource centre with computer lab, and a new gymnasium. Today, St. Agnes has an enrollment of approximately 330 students and 54 staff members.

St. Agnes has constantly emphasized academic achievement, love of God, and charity towards others. The school community cultivates the potential of the whole child through academic study, religious instruction, physical education, and training in the arts. The growth of each child is encouraged and supported through the efforts of the close-knit, caring community of students, parents/guardians, parish leaders and school staff. It is through the partnership of school, home and Church that what is best for the child remains in focus.

Over the years, St. Agnes has been known for its welcoming atmosphere. In September 2005, St. Agnes welcomed the students, parents and guardians from St. Joan of Arc Catholic Elementary School. Through one shared goal, to demonstrated true Catholic values by following the path of Jesus, two school communities became one family.

St. Agnes provides students with a strong background in the Ontario Curriculum. Students are taught in an environment where Christian ethics are cherished and maintained as part of everyday life. They assist the disadvantaged and are prepared for the sacraments. The goal is to instill in each child a love of God and neighbour.

St. Agnes School Covenant

We are family.
We respect one another.
We trust one another.
We help one another.
We forgive one another.
We are responsible for our behaviour.
We recognize the worth of others.
We are honest in what we say and do.
We treat others as
we would like to be treated.
We celebrate the wonders of our God.